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A tribute to local arts and crafts in Courchevel

For its first property in the Alps, Iconic House offers a unique interpretation of the art of mountain living and an incomparable setting.  A boldness embodied by references to modernist architecture and the remarkable work of Charlotte Perriand, reflecting this quest for charm and authenticity, without gratuitous overkill, which is rare in the Courchevel resort. A chalet that pays tribute to local arts and crafts.

Chalet Le 1550 is home to a collection of quirky, curious and embodied works, created in collaboration with the Joséphine Fossey Office studio, based on personal favourites and nods to the mountains.

At the entrance to the Chalet, a splendid oak console has been custom-designed by the young designer Ateljé Loupchat, a former designer close to Starck, who has opened his own cabinet-making workshop. Two young artists from Atelier Felicita created the motifs painted on the beams of the main lounge for Le 1550, inspired by the modernist architecture of the Flaine resort. They are also responsible for the drawings painted on the walls of Kids Paradise, the children's playroom, designed in the spirit of a den for little explorers.

The beams by Atelier Felicita


Born in 1959 in Isère, Jean Patrice Rozand studied sculpture and drawing at the Ecole régionale des Beaux arts in Valence. He now lives and works in the Drôme.

Welding has profoundly altered sculptors' practice and the field of possibilities. At the same time, cubism was born out of the recognition of volume as defined by the intersection of planes.

Jean Patrice Rozand's monumental sculptures stem from these theoretical fundamentals. He uses strictly flat sheets of metal, devoid of modelling, so that their assembly never closes in on itself. His sculptures are precision machines that manipulate light and space. The arrangement of the planes and the patina of the surfaces work like a prism and mirror. The path of the sun distributes light and shadow, turning each work into a virtual mobile whose appearance changes with the angle from which it is viewed and the time of day, varying its hold on the volumes of the surrounding space.

Le 1550 and the sculpture by Rozand


Joséphine Audebert is an artist from Chambéry in Savoie. She draws inspiration from the mountains and other landscapes that surround her to create her works, which are a mix of painting and collage, with a style all her own.In a room on the first floor of the Chalet, she reveals her vision of the mountains in a painting that is all horizontal, with very interesting work on light, shadows and textures, particularly on the sky and mountainsides.

In the kitchen, artist Géraldine Roussel has created two ceiling frescoes inspired by modernist architecture. The large living room is home to a huge library, the signature of the Iconic House Collection, packed with art books, adventure novels and unusual antiques... designed as a cabinet of arty and literary curiosities. The library stands alongside a work created for Iconic House by the artist Jean Jullien. Black and white photographs from the Librairie des Alpes, vintage postcards of Courchevel, posters from the Yvon Lambert Collection and prints from a series of photographs by Elodie Vilallon complete the collection.

It's a truly artistic journey through a resolutely Alpine Chalet.

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