The most arty houses to rent

We have been committed to
promoting art and supporting
contemporary creation since our
ART has always played a central role in our properties. Each one houses a collection of works of art, some of which are commissioned and co-created on request.
ART is everywhere in our (iconic) houses.

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Le 1550

Studio Blaau

Arco Blaauboer is a young artist based in Amsterdam. Wood is his favourite material. His abstract handmade compositions echo the modernist compositions of Italian designer Enzo Mari.

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Les Bords du Lac


Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff are a French artistic and screen-printing duo based in Berlin. They decided to formalise their partnership in 2013 by creating Palefroi, a framework that encompasses all their practices.

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Les Hauts de Gordes

Julien Beaucourt

Julien Beaucourt defines himself as an articulator of artistic projects. In the winter living room of the Hauts de Gordes country house, he has created a spectacular immaculate white tree in sprayed concrete, in which the fireplace is nestled.

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Le 1550

Nigel Peak

Nigel Peake is an artist born in 1981, known for his original works that blend elements of architecture, urban landscapes and nature. A series of five of his drawings from his project entitled ‘Sides’ is on display in a suite at the Chalet.

About the artist
L'Étoile des Baux

Florence Bamberger

A French artist based in Paris, Florence Bamberger is unveiling an incredible mural fresco measuring over 5 metres, created in situ, entitled ‘L'Enigme des Baux’, inspired by Cocteau, Le Corbusier and De Chirico.

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Les Bords du Lac

Elodie Villalon

Always in search of authenticity, silver-based photography has naturally become a key technique for Elodie Villalon, whose aim is to capture the raw beauty of the moment.

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