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A (new) artistic journey in the heart of Luberon

The fourth property in Iconic House’s collection, based in Gordes in the heart of Luberon, pays heartfelt homage to the region. Created by the interior designer Jérémie du Chaffaut, who was born in Provence and is known for his zealous approach, the property’s décor is a profound celebration of the region’s heritage with a contemporary twist. The house invites visitors on an incredible journey of contemporary art inside and out.


The allure of Gordes, with its breathtaking landscapes and mineral beauty, has captivated the hearts of countless artists. A constellation of creative souls helped to build the village's reputation. In the aftermath of World War II, painters Marc Chagall, Jean Deyrolle, and André Lhote were among the vanguard to establish their creative haven in this enchanting locale. Some even allude to the possible creation of an ‘artists’ settlement.’Later, the brilliant Hungarian-born painter Victor Vasarely fell under the village's spell, spending all his summers there. "The kinetic movement, originated by Victor Vasarely, was born in Gordes, in the little shepherd's hut he bought in 1950. It was his visual experience with a tail rotor that would spark the process that eventually led to optical and kinetic art," his grandson later explained. In 1970, he set up his foundation in the Château before its relocation to Aix-en-Provence, where it remains today. His artistic brilliance drew the attention of photographers Willy Ronis and Izis, a close friend of Marc Chagall, who soon followed in his footsteps. Gordes owes its irresistible charm to the artists who breathed life into it, infusing the project with a strong creative energy. Just like all Iconic House openings, artistic curation is central to the venture, reflecting the captivating yet undeniably authentic atmosphere of the property.

"Gordes represents the end of my hesitations between transposed figuration and non-figuration." — VICTOR VASARELY (1969)
Victor Vasarely
Marc Chagall


Illusion, movement, perception, and representation—these are valued concepts among artists, especially within the optical and kinetic arts, where Victor Vasarely, notably in love with Gordes, stands as a prominent figure. Ideas that served as guiding principles for Thibaud Elzière and Robin Michel as they shaped the artistic essence of the site. In collaboration with Joséphine Fossey, the curator and leader of the eponymous creative laboratory, they have immersed themselves in the history of Gordes, a village that has enchanted numerous artists with its seclusion, light, mineral beauty, and landscapes.

Together, they embarked on the creation of a truly artistic journey, both inside and out. A journey structured around forty pieces, some large scale, others commissioned especially for the project. Art takes centre stage in all the endeavours at the property, reminiscent ofthe wonderful southern initiatives found at Fondation Carmignac, Château La Coste, or Commanderie de Peyrassol.

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