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Courchevel Village at heart

" Tabula rasa. That's the expression my wife used when we were eating dinner together and she suggested that we should experience “something else” as a family – something unique, in the long term, worlds away from our everyday lives.

So, at the beginning of December 2017, the five of us – my wife, my three children and I – found ourselves in a chalet in Courchevel Le Praz, having come to spend three months in the mountains. We’d chosen Courchevel for its location (not too far from Paris so that we could occasionally return for work), for its primary school and, most importantly of all, for its impressive and extensive ski area. In the end, we didn’t send our children to the local school; instead, luckily for us, we all enjoyed the time of our lives as we explored this wintry paradise. Spending the winter in the mountains gives you plenty of time to visit all the very best places and take advantage of all the amazing experiences the Alps have to offer. Courchevel boasts an incredible range of solo and family-friendly activities: from ski touring (our favourite activity) to hurtling down Les Trois Vallées’ slopes and cross-country skiing in Le Praz, the timed slalom run in Courchevel 1850, the toboggan runs in Moriond and Courchevel 1550, the vast Aquamotion water park, electric bike rides and so much more.

We also had the opportunity to sample the local cuisine. Let me tell you, they take food seriously in Courchevel. There’s something for everyone, from lunch at altitude to dinner at restaurants run by some of the most well-known names in hospitality. In particular, I want to recommend La Soucoupe, my favourite place to eat, at the top of the Plantrey chairlift: once you’ve successfully completed your 1000-metre ascent from Le Praz on skis, fitted with sealskin climbing skins, you’ll deserve a delicious Argentinian steak, cooked over the flames in one of the most iconic high-altitude restaurants in France.

Inspired by our incredible adventure, we decided to repeat the experience a year later, staying at a slightly higher altitude in Courchevel Village. We’d become familiar with it the year before: this friendly mountain village offers incredible access to the entire resort.

In fact, we loved our second stay so much that we decided to go one step further and open an Iconic House there. We invested in a property in Les Brigues, a ski in/out resort with impressive views of the entire valley. We chose an existing chalet, Le 1550, which was named after the resort; we’ve renovated and extended it, adding bedrooms, ensuring the ultimate comfort and creating a truly unique décor, just as we do for each of our homes."

Thibaud Elzière, Iconic House cofounder

Discover more about Le 1550, the ultimate alpine chalet located in Courchevel Village.

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