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Dog sledding: one of the best experiences in Courchevel

Dog sledding: one of the not-to-be-missed activities in Courchevel, where you can immerse yourself in the forest, to the rhythm of the dogs' footsteps in sublime landscapes. An iconic experience for two, family or friends during a stay at Chalet Le 1550.

Musher. masculine - From the French marche, a word used to move dogs forward, which became mush in English. Driver of a snow sled pulled by a team of dogs.

From the Plan du Vah, in Courchevel 1850, you can take off at full speed through the forest, in a sled driven by a pack of loyal and endearing sporting dogs. Between two rides and when the team changes, chat with the mushers, these passionate drivers.

"In the sled, you're at ground level with a sensation of glide and speed that's quite incredible. We must be able to reach 35-40 kilometres an hour."
"Each musher looks after his own pack and knows his dogs by heart. There's a real sense of complicity."
"Our dogs are real athletes. Out of season, we work hard on their endurance and musculature. They love to exercise."
"Here in Courchevel, we have two packs: one of 35 and one of 25 dogs, with Siberian huskies, Greenlanders and Alaskans."
"Most of the time, we set up tamdem to make up the dog teams. In general, the calmer and more reactive dogs are placed at the front. They are the ones who obey orders. The craziest and most powerful are placed at the back, just in front of the sleigh."

Photos : Quentin Tourbez

An experience to live during an iconic stay in Chalet Le 1550

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