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Our (very) favorite restaurant near Hossegor

Since the opening of our Bords du Lac property in June 2022, nestled under the pines of Hossegor's marine lake, we've been scouring the area for good places to eat. Among all the restaurants we've tested, perhaps one of our favorites, located in Capbreton just 3 kilometers from the house, less than ten minutes by bike or car. Discover it.


You’re going to want to keep the details of this restaurant to yourself: this gem is run by the chef Patrice Lubet who was born and raised in the Landes. At Goustut, fish is the star of the show. Ichthyophobes or monomaniacal meat eaters: there’snothing for you here.Overlooking Capbreton’s harbour, this restaurant serves up an original style of cooking: choose from mezze menus for lunch and dinner (although there’s nothing Lebanese about it) or treat yourself to a whole fish, cooked on the barbecue. Charles, a young and incredibly talented chef who has worked for the renowned chefs Rostang and Alléno (among others), is in charge of the restaurant’s kitchen. He produces a high-flying,creative and inspired culinary ballet in which fish, shellfish and seafood take centre stage.


We immediately opt for Le Grand Mezzé, an arrangement of a dozen seafood dishes, all served at once, to be shared by the entire party.

To start with and to cleanse the palate: crab bouillon with leek ravioli. Now the fun can really start! There are three hot dishes (to be enjoyed in any order): barbecued cockles with orange hollandaise sauce, courgettes with feta, clams and black shallots and barbecued octopus, served with cucumber and green pepper gazpacho. The cold dishes include marinated albacore with wasabi leaves, spring rolls with smoked scad (a small rockfish which is all too often confused with mackerel) and Caesar sauce — which is utterly divine — and smoked trout maki and candied yuzu. There are raw green beans and oysters marinated in shio koji (a fermented marinade made with rice), soy-marinated skipjack tuna carpaccio with toasted bread and finger lime. The textures are endless, irresistible: sorrel bouillon, raw forkbeard and broad beans, naan bread, anchovy relish,shallots, pickled radishes and mustard sprouts. And last but not least: crab served with mayonnaise, rice, parmesan cream, grilled corn and coral. This is the restaurant’s signature dish, the ultimate note on which to finish the savoury experience. On the few square centimetres of table still available (you’ll manage to make room, trust us), there’s succulent smoked butter and truly delicious bread. It’s best to eat it in small quantities to “avoid shooting yourself in the foot”, we’re told. Although we’ve been warned, it’s difficult to resist. At least we’ve warned you too.

We finish with a delightful triptych: île flottante with an intense vanilla flavour, raspberry ice-cream and a delicious apricot cake. Of course, if you’ve got room, there’s always the opportunity to end the meal on a high with the local speciality: the pastis landais.

A meal at Goustut is a dream come true. Not to be missed during your stay in Hossegor in the Ocean villa Les Bords du Lac.

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