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Focus on… the iconic fresco by Florence Bamberger

The Iconic House L'Étoile des Baux property, nestled below the village of Les Baux-de-Provence in the famous Val d'Enfer, was conceived in the spirit of a Maison d'Artistes. The entrance hall features an incredible 5-metre mural by French artist Florence Bamberger. Entitled "L'Enigme des Baux", it has quickly become emblematic of the property.


Realized in situ from May 9 to 16, 2022 - Technique: Acrylic paint


"I thought of this title because, while on first reading we identify several elements, others are more mysterious and invite meditation. It's a figurative painting bordering on abstraction, deliberately minimalist and resolutely graphic. I wanted it to add a definite artistic dimension to the room, while at the same time blending in with the Provencal setting through its color, architectural elements and various references."


"I usually feed my work with several sources of artistic inspiration, which intersect and enrich each other. Cocteau, an artist intimately linked to the region, for his continuous line, his poetry. Le Corbusier, for his mastery of the art of fresco and textural detail. De Chirico, for his geometric compositions, arches and terracotta colors, as well as the dreamy, mysterious dimension. Jean Arp, for his free forms, particularly in wood. In terms of color, I opted for a color that would contrast with the white wall, a terracotta hue that echoes the red earth of Provencal ceramics.In addition to the design, I wanted to add depth and texture to the fresco, through the graphic treatment. Evoking both the bark of the wood and the movement of the potter's hands in the red clay..."


"The fresco brings together several symbols, drawn from the architectural elements of the Mas, the village of Les Baux de Provence and the iconography of the book "L'Etoile des Baux" by Jean Séverin (1976). Among them: the arches, present in the architecture of the Mas, in the village of Les Baux and in the book; the vertical, stepped lines representing the quarries, their cut-out shape and the work involved in cutting the stone; the water flowing from the rocks, particularly in the troglodyte chambers; the cypresses, elegant trees of the region, which dominate the garden;L'Etoile for L’Étoile des Baux, cut like the stone Etoile on the perpendicular wall; the carillon bell of the village of Les Baux that can be heard from the Mas...".

More information on L'Étoile des Baux property, located in the heart of the Alpilles in Provence.

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