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Iconic House launches Iconic Properties and its first property for sale in Megève

A year and a half after its launch and with four Maisons-Hôtelières acquired, renovated and operated in Provence, Hossegor and Courchevel, Iconic House announces the launch of Iconic Properties and its first property for sale: the Chalet de l'Inconnu, located in Megève, in the heart of the Domaine du Mont d'Arbois.


Thibaud Elzière and Robin Michel, the two brothers who co-founded Iconic House and who are themselves responsible for house-hunting to develop their Collection, have been building up their own network for several years. "We find exceptional houses all over France for Iconic House. This gives us access to exclusive properties, which are often off the market. Some properties don't fit our programme for Iconic House, because of the number of rooms or the layout, but their history and potential are incredible," says Thibaud Elzière.


Today, Iconic House is considered a key player in the luxury hospitality market, with a track record of outstanding achievements. Renovating exceptional properties is one of its trademarks. "In Hossegor, with Les Bords du Lac, the second Iconic House, we have acquired and renovated a protected historic building, emblematic of the 1930s and Basque-Landes architecture. The project was carried out by our teams in close collaboration with the Architectes des Bâtiments de France (ABF) and the Mairie d'Hossegor " continues Robin Michel.

Les Bords du Lac - Iconic House


With the Chalet de l'Inconnu carrying a mythical history, the two brothers who founded Iconic House could not pass up this opportunity or let anyone sacrifice the Chalet and its legend. Together with Antoine Pioger, founder of Maison Henry Jacques Le Même, which specialises in furniture inspired by the legacy of the eponymous architect, they acquired the house in 2022. “As soon as we signed the contract, we set to work like Benedictines, immersing ourselves in the history of the property. The Alpine Baroque, the Jean Walter & Henry Jacques Le Même tandem, the character of Domenica Walter - an exceptional collector of twentieth-century art... the place is steeped in history, it's incredible! And our aim, alongside Claves Architecture, is to redesign the Chalet with the utmost respect and rigour," continues Robin Michel.


At the dawn of the winter sports boom in France, two visionaries joined forces to design an architectural masterpiece: the Chalet de l'Inconnu. One was Jean Walter, a Parisian architect renowned for his daring and avant-garde genius, and the other was Henry Jacques Le Même, inventor of the skier's chalet and pioneer of the mountain holiday, who had already carved his name into the heart of Megève. Chalets Le Même continue to meet the needs of a comfortable and sporting lifestyle, while adapting to the particular desires of their owners.

A four-handed chalet...

In 1939, inspired by this vision, Walter and Le Même began designing a veritable Palais at Mont d'Arbois, overlooking the village of Megève. They fused Parisian chic with rustic mountain charm to create a home that combines elegance, functionality and comfort. Every detail, every beam, every stone... has been carefully chosen, reflecting the commissioners' desire to own a one-of-a-kind chalet. Borrowing from the aesthetics of Alpine Baroque, with its ribbed vaults, wood panelling and painted earthenware donated by the King of Morocco, the Chalet de l'Inconnu boasts a spectacular exterior entrance adorned with monumental frescoes painted by the famous artist Albert Decaris.

"The exuberant and luxurious Chalet de l'Inconnu: it resembles nothing that existed and nothing after it will resemble it" - Centre d'archives d'architecture du XXe siècle en Savoie
The chalet of Domenica Walter, a one-of-a-kind art collector...

Juliette Lacaze (1898-1977), nicknamed Domenica, was married at first to the famous visionary art dealer and collector of Impressionist works Paul Guillaume, a close friend of Apollinaire who became her mentor and introduced her to artists such as Cézanne, Renoir, Modigliani, Picasso, Matisse and Derain. Widowed, Domenica inherited one of the most exceptional collections of modern art in Europe.

Remarried to Jean Walter, a wealthy French architect and industrialist, she acquired one of the first chalets on Mont d'Arbois with him and closely monitored the construction work. She then fitted out the Chalet de l'Inconnu to house part of her furniture and art collection, which in total comprised almost 150 masterpieces, recognised as the most representative of twentieth-century art and exhibited in Paris at the Musée de l'Orangerie from 1966.

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