— A family affair

Launched in June 2021 by Thibaud Elzière, a tech entrepreneur who runs the start-up studio eFounders, and his brother Robin Michel, Iconic House combines the best of the hotel industry and holiday rentals for the ultra-luxury market.
Together, the two founders have been inspired by a new vision of hospitality, offering a collection of luxury homes for holiday rentals. Their aim? To attract a demanding clientele, made up of both leisure and business travellers who prefer staying in private homes to high-end hotels. Naturally, there won’t be any skimping on service or experience – key to the success of the very best luxury hotels.

"In recent years, holiday rental properties (serviced accommodation) have become a serious alternative to the traditional hotel industry, particularly in the luxury sector. Today, these properties are often managed by agencies on behalf of individuals. We decided to do things differently by buying and managing our own homes: this makes it possible to do much more in terms of the design and décor, the level of service and the overall experience offered to our customers. It also creates a connection which links all the properties in our collection. At Iconic House, we want to develop a brand with a unique concept, blurring the boundaries between the hotel industry and holiday rentals, offering the best of both worlds." Thibaud Elzière.